7 thoughts on “Playa”

    1. It’s hard. When I need my Spanish quickly and while on the spot, that’s when I remember French, Italian, and Hebrew. Oh, Latin too. I forget all my Spanish in an instant. I guess that’s called tongue-tied. Hint to foreigners everywhere: use your tied tongue to your advantage if you have no other choice.

      1. Your reply makes me laugh because i have exactly the same problem, misma problema, only my French, fluent though i was once, js completely forgotten, and it is spanish thatngets in the way of my Italian yadda yadda yadda! I think however that should we ever meet in a foreign country one day we would make a fine pair! At least between us we would,have half a chance of being understood! Or at least of trying to speak THEIR lamguage…which is part of the battle of not being the “ugly American” no? Take care and best wishes for the new year!

        1. Truth is, foreigners do well in pairs. They rely on each other as resource. This works well. However, those who came in pairs have NO CLUE what it’s like for us one-only (i.e. self-reliant) folk who have no one. You’ll see in my next entry. Some people are just….assholes…if you don’t mind me saying…..Of course you know that!

  1. No, i imagine that pairs of people everywhere have little idea what we as simgles go through but what you as a single expat are going through must be, well, very much more difficult thsn anything someone in a pair goes through by orders of magnitude…and indeed i can only imagine it, but with some horror and a great deal of admiration!!!!

    1. Aw, sweetie. Yeah I hear it all the time: “why don’t you go to your family?” I have no clue how to answer that one. I have spent all holidays alone for about a decade. This also includes my 40th and 50th birthdays. What family would do that to a person? Or, rather, what doctor would willfully LIE to a family to cause it to turn its back on one of its members? One bro won’t speak to me, the other will, but much of it is gaslighting. Occasionally we get along though. I need to retell this story as fiction, from the point of view of the doctors that did this. Then, maybe I can get the public to truly understand the ugly side of malpractice.

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