Church vs State: Forced psychiatry breaks religious ethics of many religious groups

The Church of Latter Day Saints forbids body piercings and tattoos. Islam does as well. In their texts, any form of maiming the body is forbidden.

In Judaism, tattoos are forbidden but women can have pierced ears. In Jewish history, tattooing was used to identify Jewish prisoners held in concentration camps. The presence of tattoos, therefore, has a rather loaded historical meaning in Jewish culture.

Christianity varies, probably according to denomination.

Some religious practices do not forbid body art, but incorporate it into religious rites and customs.

Circumcision is said to be genital mutilation, but this is controversial and I’m not going there right now.

ECT, which is claimed to help depression, is a form of legal body maiming done by medical professionals who are highly paid per procedure. It causes structural damage to the brain similar to a TBI. The damage can sometimes be seen beyond the brain in the outlying structures. The damage can be permanently disabling, or severely disabling for years.

There is a quote somewhere by a renowned “expert” on ECT admitting that it does cause damage but the damage is “justified.”

Many prescribed drugs also maim the body. As you know from reading my blog, my kidneys and thyroid were permanently damaged by Lithium. Other damages from these “meds” have been noted (or highly suspected) as well, including an enlarged atrium from antipsychotic pills. The kidney disease will most likely be life-shortening for me.

Where are the churches in all this? The churches need to speak out about drugging and ECT, as these practices are now not only more prevalent, but with the passing of new laws (whether it be Murphy or another that expands the use of force) more people’s bodies will be maimed.

I am wondering if people can claim religious objection to these harmful, barbaric treatments, on the basis of Freedom of Religion granted to us in the First Amendment?

(Source: References gleaned from several sites on body art. The ECT info is taken from multiple sources, too many to list here.)

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