Did you “lose” the files you had in OneDrive when you upgraded to Windows 10? Don’t panic….

I have been to a few forums discussing this. I cannot believe what I am reading. These unfortunate folks are saying they have lost their files and are hoping for a solution, at least to find some way to recover these files.

I, too, noticed that it appeared that my files were all missing. They aren’t. It just looked that way at first. I first started with Win 8 at the end of January 2013, and at that time, OneDrive was called Skydrive.  Later, it got renamed. After that, I had two folders, one called OneDrive, and one called Skydrive. It didn’t seem to matter which one I used, since they were both the same.

With the upgrade, I now have two separate folders that each contain different material. The OneDrive is associated with a different account, my MS Office account. I don’t use that account to store anything. So while my computer was booting up just now, all I saw was a OneDrive folder, and inside, not the multiple folders I have in Skydrive, but a single “Documents” folder. When I opened that, nothing was inside!

So that’s when I panicked and went to the forums to see what was up. Apparently four pages or so of commenters were complaining that this same thing happened to them. Some folks kept their files in OneDrive and nowhere else. So they were really up poop’s creek.

Or so they thought. My guess is that the same thing happened to them as happened to me. After my computer was done booting completely, I found the Skydrive folder. Everything was there, safe and sound. So with Win 10 “Skydrive” and “OneDrive” are separated. If you cannot find anything inside OneDrive, look for a Skydrive folder.

Another thing: Microsoft seems to have moved the entire cloud folder to some other location. So right now, it looks like the entire folder is re-syncing. This explains why at first, I didn’t even see the SkyDrive folder.

It bugged me no end that folks were getting on that forum and saying, “You were stupid not to back up to a removable drive.” Stupid? This is the great Microsoft, not some rinky-dink cloud company. I wouldn’t expect MS to screw up that badly, would you? That plus when a person has a major loss, say, has lost an entire novel, years’ worth of work, is it truly helpful to tell them what they should have done and that they are dumb because they didn’t? They asked for help, not to be admonished.

Please, please please please be patient. People were popping on there and saying that they were discovering that their files indeed came back. If you have two separate accounts, go online and log into the one you use. My guess is that you’ll end up finding those files again.

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound,
That saved a wretched file like me.
Was blind, and am still blind until I can find my glasses.

Oh, I think I’ll feel around some more. Do you think Puzzle ate them?



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