The most fun thing is…..

The most fun thing, for me, is the pride I feel when I am able to use my mind, which they claimed was defective, to solve everyday dilemmas. I seem to be fairly good at solving various computer dilemmas.  I’m proud that I can do this and also, occasionally, help others.

I’m proud that my mind works just fine. I’m proud that I can make do with less, and find joy in simple things. I am proud that if I don’t have something, I can use something else instead, that actually works better for less money and fuss.

A couple of nights ago I woke up while it was still dark, and decided to do dishes. I turned on my electric kettle and….


Yep, something, somewhere, was quite unhappy about that! My main circuit breaker had flipped off.  I wasn’t sure where the short was. Was it the kettle or was it the outlet? Or maybe some other thing plugged in that had malfunctioned?  First, I tried turning the circuit breaker back on. It was still quite upset and immediately shut down. I wasn’t going to be pushy at that point, so I unplugged everything in my casa that was plugged in, which wasn’t much really, and then, turned the circuit breaker back on. So far, so good.  One by one, I tested each thing that had been plugged in. It was indeed my electric kettle. I left it unplugged for the night and used something else to boil water for the dishes.

In the morning, when I could see better, I discovered the problem. I really didn’t want to have to replace my electric kettle. But this looked like something I knew how to solve.

The appliance itself consists of a pot with an on/off switch, and a simple lightweight base. I could see water under the base. So that was it. Apparently I had spilled water there, and I had not even seen it. I don’t see well enough to always see small puddles of water on my dark-colored counter. Ahh, the culprit.

I have dealt with this before and have a devised a trick to reviving wet appliances. Please, if you try this at home, be very very careful! Especially if kids are around.

Here’s what you do: UNPLUG the appliance. Make sure it’s unplugged and not just turned off. Then, take a blow dryer and blow dry into the vents and openings, whatever you see where water may have gone in. Usually you have to turn it upside down to do this. Depending on the appliance, this could take as little as 20 seconds, or a full minute. Or a little more. You can also try leaving it in a sunny spot, but make sure it’s a dry sunny spot.  As soon as you are satisfied that all the water and moisture is out of the inner workings of the appliance, plug it in and try it out. Please be careful, since a lot depends on the wiring of your home. Most have circuit breakers but if you have fuses and blow one, it could be a nuisance replacing it. Use common sense and don’t get electrocuted. I wouldn’t trust this method with a vacuum cleaner, TV, or any appliance that has a large mass of inner circuitry. My guess is that messing with it won’t be safe.

This might work to revive a cell phone, although I have never done this myself. We have all heard the stories of people who keep their phones in their back pockets and then drop their drawers only to find the phone has fallen into the toilet. If that ever happens, quickly grab a blow dryer and I’ll bet your phone will survive the experience just fine, and live to tell the tale to everyone depending on your privacy settings.

I decided I sure didn’t want this to happen again. So now, I have my electric kettle in a different place.  I’ve already had ECT a long time ago, and I sure don’t need to get zapped again.

Of course, if you actually want ECT, you could go out in a lightning storm, call out to God, and say, “Come and get me!” If you are struck, you will get about the same amount of voltage. You might get brain damage. If so, the ECT has been a success. You will feel euphoric from the traumatic brain injury for about three weeks. After that, no one really knows. Shocking indeed.

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