EBT….is there a shutdown?

I found this:

Keep in mind the author’s disclaimer that the photo may or may not be a photoshop, and also she states that this is not a photo of an actual food riot, but illustrates that this is what one might look like.

As for whether you all are getting your food stamps in October, I honestly don’t know. I do know that they are not all distributed on the same day. I know that Massachusetts did it by the last number of people’s social security numbers. Mine showed up just before mid-month. IF there’s any validity to this, the statement was that on the first, for those who receive them on the first, the food stamps would be held. If it’s true. There are not actual food riots happening yet, but the article shows us that this is possible, if not, probable, should EBT really be withheld.

Wait and see.

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