Online party, fun times

In celebration of a rather joyous event, I am holding a party. This is a distance event by invitation only. I will need to set a date and time shortly. If you are interested in good fun and want to join, contact me please. Depending on the number of responses I get, I’ll set it up somehow. We will most likely use Hangouts but if that’s not possible, we can use some other means. Camera not necessary but you’ll need a mic and speakers or headphones, or a phone.

BTW, my blog was hidden for a bit but now I am back.  I’ve been writing and some posts are delayed posting until I get back with you all. If you can read this, that means you and I both exist. Or maybe it means you are sitting at a computer or other online device, and can read text, and I wrote it. Hello.

5 thoughts on “Online party, fun times”

    1. Hey, wow, howdy. Saturday night ir de compras at its finest! In other words, me acting totally lost in a big store but that doesn’t matter because everyone else is drunk or about to be so. Made it home.

  1. Glad you are back in blogging land. Looking forward to hearing your good news and i Hope the party is lively and fun! (I am not much for parties but you never know…) anyhow, i did want u to know i was awaiting your return, and slso very much appreciated the Bravo link to wagblog from mad blogger Julie land! MTFFGBWYA!



    1. Goodness gracious yesterday I knew all day that it was Friday, but later on, I forgot and assumed it was Saturday. This morning I woke up thinking today is podcast day. Nope, tomorrow. YouYou know, people who work or go to school gotta keep track of the days. For those of us derailed by psychiatry, who the hell cares?

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