I had to remove all those from my life who claimed, “Don’t believe her, it’s just her disorder.”

I know now that MGH et al are  pressuring people not to believe me. They are disseminating lies basically, spreading these wherever they can, in insidious ways, even via social media and inside their institutions of course. Anyone who speaks out against them is “paranoid.” Anyone who mentions patient rights has a “disorder.” Abuse never happens within their holy walls. They are the best of the best so anyone  who claims abuse is lying or otherwise sick.

However, the facts prove otherwise, don’t they? All you have to do is to find a policy book of MGH’s psych ward and you will see I am absolutely correct about my claims. I don’t think their policies have even changed.

Patients have to wear hospital clothes for the first three days on the unit. This is contrary to Massachusetts patient rights laws. Eating disorders patients are limited to four eight-ounce glasses of water per day. Yep, it’s written there. Protocol. As is bathroom monitoring, which is contrary to Massachusetts patient rights laws. Shower monitoring is as well. Telephone call monitoring is also against the law. According to law, only in exceptional situations and there must be very good reason and a doctor signature for any the above, should any pose serious threat, not the general policy nor protocol. MGH did not follow the law at all. And this is supposedly the best hospital in the world. No, MGH is a corporate racket.

A nurse who worked for them has verified that everything I am saying is completely consistent with what she was very well familiar with. Their damn “protocol.” No, I am not making this up, and the unit I was on existed. Anyone who claims I am paranoid is deeply delusional themselves. Get real and grow up. We live in scary times.

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