One more thing I really hated about Facebook

Now and then, I’d get a message either on my page or privately saying the following:

“I am not sure I want to be your friend since you are against recovery.”

Say what? Where on earth do people get that from? I do not use that word recovery (and I explain why) but certainly, I want more than anything to end human suffering.

I would also hear the following: “You shouldn’t talk about rights. We don’t deserve them. We’re sick.”


I also heard, “Your experience was the exception. All patient care is kind.” That, in fact, is not true.

I want to tell some people the following, “Just wait till you end up with some abusive asshole for a doctor. If you are still alive, you might actually thank me.”

And I also heard, “We have to put up with inhumane care. How dare  you suggest that it could be otherwise?” Might I ask who is the one sending out a hopeless and negative message?

Or, “Yes, they put me in restraints, but I deserved it.” No one EVER deserves cruelty.

Then, I hear, “I broke a rule and that’s why they locked me in a room. It was fair. Their rules are important.” As are patient rights laws. But no, talking about rights is a sign of paranoia. Talking about rights triggers people. Because maybe I am correct after all, and folks are refusing to see the truth.

Was the entire American Revolution is based on paranoia on the part of the Colonists?  Did they need pills and treatment?  Yes, the Colonists were concerned about human rights. As were the Abolitionists. As were the Holocaust rescuers. As were those fighting for Civil Rights such as Martin Luther King. As was most of the world, in response to Hitler.


What about animal rights? Or are patients well below the animals?

“We don’t deserve rights. Mental patients  like us are dangerous and sick and we deserve to be treated like second class citizens until we are ‘better.'”

You are still suffering immensely because you are accepting of all the bigotry aimed at you. If you want to call that “treatment,” go ahead, but that “treatment” won’t improve your life. Until  you learn to stand up for yourself and demand an end to cruelty, you are missing the boat. If you continue to be a recipient of inhumane care, you will stagnate. Or die.

“So you are saying diabetics should not take insulin, right?”

No, I am saying that to compare diabetes/insulin to emotional anguish/psych meds is a complete lie. Not only that, when doctors are taught in medical school to use this analogy with patients, the med students often point out that the analogy is false. However, these medical students are assured that lying to patients who are “mentally ill” is just fine.

No one “needs” psych meds. It is one of many options, but they don’t want us to know that the other options work better.

“How dare you say that I possibly someday I won’t need pills and therapy? I have a permanent brain disease. How dare you suggest otherwise? How dare you suggest that my disease, which I proudly carry around and show off, might not always be there?”

And again, I get accused of being “negative.”

Know something? If the medical students stick around long enough, they don’t even see us as human after a while. We’re objects, things, monsters, lepers, sinners. If you have ever heard them in their huddles, cackling away, then you know.

Or if you ever catch the staff rolling their eyes.

See you later, Facebook. I don’t need your baloney.

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