Who was the “poor historian”, eh? According to Mount Auburn Hospital…..

They gave me Mellaril in the hospital in 1983. I got tachycardia (rapid heartbeat) from it. I was told this was not an allergy but an “unpleasant reaction.” I was told to not take it again if offered, though.

I was given Zyprexa (Olanzapine) in 1997. It made me sleep 16 hours a day, and the other 8, I was a zombie. It also caused binge eating. I’ve since learned that I’m not the only one who has had this reaction. After a few days, my shrink said, “I am taking you off of this right away. You should never take Zyprexa again. Don’t worry, I will never put you back on it,” I was underweight at the time, and even though I needed to eat, I didn’t need destructive eating.

In my hospital records at Mount Auburn from 2013, they wrote that I was delusional because I said I had no medication allergies. Their records stated that since I said this, I was a “poor historian” since apparently I had “forgotten” that Mellaril gave me “palpitations.” Palpitations means your heart beats harder, isn’t the same as tachycardia, and also isn’t an allergy per se. I knew that an allergic reaction had something to do with histamine, such as a swollen tongue, rash, or respiratory problems.  I was absolutely right on. So I ask, who was the “poor historian”?

They also seemed to think that just because I had once taken Imipramine, then of course, two years later, I must certainly still be on it. Apparently they were at such a loss as to what my “meds” were, though I had carefully written for them the names and doses, that they resorted to calling CVS. I suppose my last shrink didn’t remember? Did she not have records?  Who is the irresponsible one?

The correct spelling of my name, my birth date and address were never verified so they gave me Julia’s drugs, not mine. They continued to call me a “liar.”  Who was the stupid one  here?

I got yelled at and called liar, and other names, over and over. They assumed I was an idiot since I didn’t seem to recognize this other person’s drugs, I said again and again that these weren’t mine.’t mine. I finally asked, “Did you verify the address?” They hadn’t, and didn’t apologize. Who was the one who “lacked insight”? They began to abuse worse.

Next thing you knew, they told me they wouldn’t let me out unless I took Zyprexa. I told them I had had a bad reaction in the past. I’m sure by then they were discrediting everything I said. They also tried to give me Abilify, which only two months previously had given me insomnia and mania after three days.

However, my prior shrink had told them I hadn’t seen her for “months.” This wasn’t true. I saw her every month until July 10, a month prior to admission at Mount Auburn, when I had fired her, telling her that I had already scheduled with new providers and told her who my PCP was. I saw her write this down. Who was the “poor historian”?

Oh, so I was supposed to forgive? Next thing you know, completely unbeknownst to me, they had someone (the police most likely) do an illegal search of my apartment. I never found out till I got home and found the place torn apart. On one of my tables were two bottles, which they assumed were the correct pills. One bottle was two years old, the other, three years old, and both were empty, and in a remote drawer with my art supplies.

One was 600 mgs of Lamictal. I was given the entire 600 all at once. I almost took it, trusting them entirely, since they had just roused me, but I spat it out, saying, “I don’t take this.” Again, called a “poor historian.” No, I spat out those pills to save my life. Then, they claimed I was “suicidal.” Who was the one who lacked common sense? I asked myself over and over how they were getting away with this.

Is anyone going to call me “stupid” for not taking the labels off those bottles at home? My ex-friend did.  One would assume these bottles would be safe way back in that drawer. Should I expect an illegal search on a regular basis? Had I tossed the bottles in the trash bin, for sure I would have removed the labels, since I’ve heard that adventurous teens can go get refills somehow. Believe me, they tore apart everything and left the place a mess. The same “friend” told me, “No one cares about patient rights. Why don’t you drop the subject.”

I’ve since found out otherwise. Thousands are joining the Movement, more and more each day.

Meanwhile, back at the hospital, I was assumed to be delusional since I spoke of “rights.” Apparently I had none. Because I wasn’t seen as human any longer. I cannot count how many nurses rolled their eyes at me after that, and how many times the “sitters” also abused me.

This, folks was “treatment.” I got out.  I was condemned in my community for not being “grateful,” because I reporting Mount Auburn for abuse. Who are the bigoted ones?

I’d rather die than go back to Mount Auburn Hospital. I now live far, far away. Because what they did to me nearly destroyed me.

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  1. Yes, i know all about shit like this, and being called or treated like a liar…The doctor at New Britain said I was lying when I reported that the staff had stripped me naked for selusion and not given me a blanket or any covering…He actually told me, You are lying, they would never do that. Instead of checking to find out, on the available video camera! I get too upset thinking about these things, my heart starts palpitating without any additional drugs. I am CERTAIN i wouldn’t have PTSD now had it not been for the extremes of hospital abuse I suffered. I am with you, completely, but I have NEVER met anyone from or in Connecticut who cared about what happened to Mental patients in hospital, just never…Movement? maybe but not in CT…

    1. Pamela, I haven’t heard of much happening among the “CSX” population in Connecticut either. The Movement seems alive and well in Portland right now, and of course parts of New York. Northampton is reviving many of the things they were doing before Oryx Cohen and a few others left.

      I might ask around and see how many suffer long-lasting trauma reactions (PTSD, if you will) from psych abuse. I have been to the websites of reputable places claiming to treat trauma, then have read their list of traumas they address…Everything you can think of, disasters, fires, assault, (this place had a separate one for combat since it’s so prevalent, specifically for vets). But I wonder, what is the ratio, say, in numbers, of those suffering trauma from psych abuse to those suffering some of these other traumas? Perhaps 100% of plane crash survivors are traumatized, while some walk out of psych wards unscathed. I am wondering also how many patients leave these wards traumatized, and told, to cover up the abuse, “You have a brain disease” and then are on pills for the rest of their lives?

      1. Hi Julie, I have had anecdotal reports of CT hospital trauma, from people who wrote me within my blog or after the book, but basically no one is willing to come forward. I am thoroughly sick at heart about this…CT is supposed by many to be an “advanced state” but not here, not in this area…And they get away with it every time because there is not even a legal aid entity tasked with caring for and dealing with patients hospitalized, as all must be, in the general psych units and hospitals in the state, BEFORE they are sent as punishment to the State Hospital, where abuses like these no longer happen, largely because of overdsight. I have spoken and written to officials and even Susan Stefan the so called national authority and lawyer about the use of R and S on me in CT hospitals and all she could do was SCOLD me for “not tell her her that I was working with protection and advacay department. But of course the P and A never did anything for me, and actually dumped me after claiming to Atty Stefan that they workd closely with me,. FUCKERS! If I did not have PTSD I do not think I would get so upset and worked up over this,but thank god someone does…only I feel like I was singled out for abuse in these hospitals, probably was, because I won’t stay meek and compliant anywhere,no more! but I have NO idea where or how to find others who have been abused in CT except for the random contacts..My FB page on it gets zero views..

        1. Pam, P and A is only there for show. They ARE the state. To side with anyone but the state would be a conflict of interest. Judges too. This is one reason patients get nowhere.

  2. They tried to get me to go back *in* to the hosp voluntarily after the hell I suffered. My “doctor” said I’d never “make it” out of the hospital. That was 33 years ago. I’ve had to endure lots of outpatient “treatment” though. Your “treatement” at that “hospital” was disgusting. And in the liberal state of Massachusetts? We always lie and make things up, eh? Someone I know treats me like that. Getting very sick of it.

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