Drug company coverup, multiple sclerosis and acne pill, before you draw conclusions, read this

I remembered something my friend told me years ago. That her dying husband’s MS was determined to be caused by an acne pill he took as a teen. He died quite young, maybe 15 or 20 years ago.  She told me that there had been a “settlement,” but hadn’t said much else. It was so sad when he died. I know MS sucks bad, too.  I found this forum:


We can speculate till we get exhausted. How many teens took that drug, anyway? Were those that won the settlement given a gag order? I am not sure. If your husband was dying, as my friend’s was, would you really want to discuss a scandal? Probably not. I was taking many drugs then and wholeheartedly believed they were totally terrific. So would she want to burst my bubble?  The main part of taking psych drugs was dealing with side effects. As for benefit of psych drugs, barely any.

“This pill sometimes helps. Sometimes not.”
“My shrink guessed I have X disease so I’m on it.”
“The first three weeks on it were good. After that, it was hell.”
“I don’t care if this is the placebo effect. It works, right? Just so long as I put on gobs of sunscreen, convince myself the unwanted weight gain is worth it, and insurance pays the dentist bills caused by dry mouth. Who cares, so long as it’s covered. If I get manic from it, I can check into a hospital, where I’ll get more pills. That’s called a ‘tune up.’ How handy. Of course, you can’t drive nor really work a job on this pill. And the really obnoxious side effects I take another pill for. The side effects of that one are minimal except it also dries my mouth out.”
“So what if it shortens my life by 25 years. I’m only 25, after all, that won’t affect me for another few years. Plus otherwise I’ll kill myself.”
“Anyone who thinks it causes suicide is delusional.”

What a mess.

We know about drug company coverup. I mean, we hear so much now from drug company whistleblowers (god bless ’em). These brave folks are risking their lives to save the lives of thousands of vulnerable people who might otherwise get suckered into taking these drugs.

So we can assume that if there was a class action suit for that acne pill, then surely, it would be swept under the rug. Any time it’s brought up, just listen while the doctors assure the person, “Maybe you are a little caught up in the hype. How about some Zoloft?”

Hint: Teens get acne. That’s life. I did, but not much.  Most of my high school buddies had it worse, and it seemed that later on, most got married, landed great jobs, and live in nice houses anyway.

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