To anyone trapped in the System: We’re coming for you! Holly Near commentary…

Do you folks remember that song by Holly Near called “Put Away”? I’m sure it’s still copyrighted so here’s a link to the lyrics:

Who has been put away? Think about it. I first heard this well before I set foot into my first therapist’s office and soon after, heard the click of that locked door behind me.

I played that record to death when I was a kid. Of course I did. Imagine my surprise when I found it.

That’s the name of the album: Imagine my Surprise.  I was a young girl then, in college, and those words spoke to me then. Funny, they still do.

Imagine my surprise when I met someone just recently and connected, saying, “We should have met ages ago.” That amazing commonality you have with another. When you are bursting with stuff you want to say. The truth comes out in funny ways, in it’s own time. Don’t stop telling it.

We’re coming for you. Please don’t give up. You will know us by our music. We won’t stop till the walls come tumbling down and all are free.


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