The Voice of the Deaf Community/my commentary

Here’s the link about a recent protest:

I feel that the Deaf Community is far more advanced than most other sub-communities around. I had the pleasure many years ago of attending a performance done by the National Theatre for the Deaf. I was amazed! I so admired the solidarity in this community. I wished the same for other groups in which I participated.

Empowerment was clearly central. I laughed my way though the performance, enjoying so many of the poignant jokes. Many in the audience were also Deaf  and their primary language was ASL. The rest of us heard the performance through a translator. We were surely at a disadvantage, not truly getting the subtle flavor in the humor that was lost when spoken aloud.

Many communities would benefit by observing the Deaf Community. As the article states, money-makers argue that Deaf people would be far happier if only they could hear. Not so, apparently. We hear this also vehemently from the Autism Community. “We are fine the way we are.” It amazes me that these communities manage to assert themselves so firmly that mainstream society takes heed.

Leave us alone.

Why are communities delineated between those society insists on “fixing” and those that manage to get fix-it people off their backs? Is suffering a factor? Or maybe the factor is that someone else thinks they are suffering, and decides for them exactly how.

The mental health system tried to fix so many parts of me that were fine the way they were. I asked for eating help and got way too fixed. The cure ain’t so healthy. It made me worse.

I bought into bipolar. I bought into schiz. I bought into schizoaffective. I bought into perfectionist. I bought into personality disorder, depressed, obsessive-compulsive, psychotic, anger problems, family problems, self-centered, phobic, manic, paranoid, attention-seeking, lazy, stupid, senile, and deaf. Let’s not forget “pathological tendency to pace or move her legs.” Pimples, the shakes, pathological polydipsia, overexercising, Type A, Type B, Type Z, liar, and oversexed.

Interesting, too, I was told my problem was that I was Jewish. That I was female. Maybe it’s a little tough being a young Jewish girl. “Princess complex.” Really?

I agree, it ain’t easy when you are called a JAP, when you get charged the Jew Price, when you’re told you killed Jesus.

It’s not easy being the shortest kid in the class nor is it easy being the first kid in school to show up wearing glasses. Is that really a disorder? Maybe I need my height fixed. I need an ethnicity change. So then I’d be trans-ethnic.

The gay community has been harmed for hundreds of years by those who insisted on “fixing” an inborn trait. The consequences were devastating to those who were victims of this torturous practice. I hear neurological problems resulted from those Lefties who were forced to write Rightie. Why not leave everyone alone?

I’ll tell you what needs fixing. Society needs to broaden its concept of acceptable ways of being. We need to not only talk the talk of honoring diversity, but practice it. It’s really okay to drink on weekends if you’re not causing trouble or hurting anyone. It’s okay to be moody. We need to realize that life isn’t going to be smooth sailing all the time. Look at our ocean. How can sailing be smooth when at times, the waves are rough?

If a captain send out an SOS, then there’s a specific reason. Ship’s a sinking. Mutiny. Hit an iceberg. Capsized. The elves took over. Someone threw all the vegan side dishes over the side.

We go rescue cuz we like to save the day. I think if the problem is dissentery we don’t bring guns and ammunition. We need to ask and listen rather than showing up with Elf Repellent.

Alleviating suffering is a good idea. Maybe. Think again, though, is that really true? There’s a time for everything. There’s a time to laugh and a time to mourn. A time for darkness and for light. Didn’t I read that somewhere? A time to come together.

Suffering is seasonal, just like our weather. I’d love to assure anyone who is suffering that it’s not forever. Most folks come to realize this a few years round the block. And then we’re okay, just the way we are.

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