Have you ever been disappointed with humanity?

I used to feel let down after every social situation. I first started noticing this right before my eating disorder began. That sinking, low feeling I always had.  I saw others as trite or petty. Why didn’t people think? Why were they in such a rush? I felt brushed aside. I had so many great ideas. I had no one to share them with and felt all alone.

Why was it so hard to get anyone to talk about God? Was this such a tough subject? I often felt disappointed that there was no one to shoot the bull over this, none except the Born-Agains. They were too stuck in their ways, though. I wanted something else.

I’d come home from a party and cry. Or feel disappointed that my friends weren’t the kinds of people I could possibly feel close to. I’d say life was like that for a long time. I came to believe that it was human nature to let your friends down. I found out otherwise. Only those who act two-faced or those who are cruel will turn their backs when the going gets rough.

I should have known. It wasn’t me. I needed an environment change. Something new.

My life changed. I don’t hang out with those who act like assholes anymore. I feel good about that.

I had a terrific conversation today. I certainly didn’t feel devastated afterward. I felt enlightened. We were happy to finally meet. I didn’t have the usual letdown.

All those years of MH care never addressed this. MH care was a crutch for me. Take it away, you find out you’ve been ready to walk away for a long, long time.

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