Why is psychiatric diagnosis a hate crime?

Why is psychiatric diagnosis a hate crime?

Psych diagnosis tells otherwise productive members of society that they are defective and subhuman. It tells people who are going throuogh a tumultuous time that their condition is permanent. We are told that the remainder of our lives will be limited and devoid of meaning outside of “treatment.” We are told we will “require treatment” for the remainder of our sorry lives. We are told we are best off segregated from mainstream society, in our little world of treatment. We regress to a near fetal state. Giving a psych diagnosis to even one person is a crime against all humanity.

Did I believe what I was told? Of course I did. I defended diagnosis for many years, stating that without “treatment,” namely, therapy and “meds,” I would perish. I stated that I had terrible moodswings and depressions. This was true. I realized one day that it was all a farce. Three decades of steadfast belief in psych diagnosis came to a screaming halt right then and there.

Today, I am fine without therapy and “meds.” Yes, it’s been a struggle to break free, but I found out the truth. I know I must be patient with others who, just as I did in the past, faithfully continue to uphold the lie of diagnosis. Breaking free from over three decades of wrong assumptions was the hardest thing I have ever done, and the most painful.

Today, I live a far more productive life than I ever did on “meds” and therapy. I do struggle, but not from the consequences of current “treatment,” as I choose to have none. I respect the choice of others who continue to have faith in theirj psych doctors and endless pills, but I am done with that world/ Today, I have progressed to a more fulfilling, more productive, and more meaningful life, without psych diagnosis.

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  1. Great analysis. We ought to petition the Southern Poverty Law Center to list NAMI as a hate group, right alongside the Ku Klux Klan, the Westboro Baptst Church and the nazis.

    1. Thanks, John. The problem is, the whole country now has fear of “the mentally ill.” This is a fear tactic, of course. They created AIDS, god knows why, but that served to hate gay men even more than they already did. The fear of Ebola enforced fear of Africans and all foreigners. If they don’t like a group, they’re made into criminals, diseased, or crazy. God bless America, but which god?

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