It’s so great when you know IT’S NOT FOREVER

When I lived in Woodland Towers, I thought I was doomed to staying there forever. I thought there was no way out of that place. I thought I’d die there. I tried so hard to leave any way I could. I told myself if I heard one more episode of my neighbors’ TV’s blasting Wheel of Fortune one more time I’d probably drop dead.

Actually, that’s pretty much what my brother said to me one day. “We were counting on you staying there for the rest of your life.”  And rotting away.

Low expectations…..Like I was worthless. Cuz that’s how they thought of you there. Completely worthless piece of shit.

I escaped discrimination. I escaped the lies, the bigotry, the hatred that I received from my community. I walked out of that dead end situation so that I wouldn’t die.

Of course, a few people admired what I had done, but mostly, I received more hostility and blame after I left. I was told just how stupid I was. However, I’m finding out that I did the right thing.

Everyone’s nice to me here. I am valued here. I’m really busy. I’ve got friends. Loneliness is a thing of the past. I am certainly not isolated, and no one avoids me. Certainly people don’t cross the street to avoid speaking to me, nor refuse to take my calls here. Many want to pet Puzzle and ask questions about her. No one considers me crazy nor stupid nor worthless.

I’m awfully glad I’m not married to my current living situation, though. I don’t own this apartment. It’s temporary. The lease will be up soon. My friends say that since my landlady has been negligent I should probably move sooner rather than wait even the last few months of the rental agreement. I’ll tell you the nasty details later. It has to do with “repair work” mostly. And leaky pipe problems galore. Also I have privacy concerns.

I have a place lined up, in another town, not far though. I guess the frustration is universal: Waiting for that “Is it yes or no?” from the new landlord can be endless. All I get is a vague answer, or no word at all. I don’t get anything definite.

Surely, anyone who has been dying to relocate has experienced the same frustration. You want to be totally polite and courteous. But you want an answer, too. At what point do you start saying, “Can you please be more specific?  Can you give me a date?”

I had been hoping Feb 1 would pan out. No word means no go. not yet anyway. I’m stuck here another month.

I’m thinking of looking around some more.  Just to have my bases covered. Several of my friends have their feelers out for me as well. I’ll see ya later. Ciao!

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