Various Ambitions

You folks know how I can be. I get ambitions, some of which I follow through with, and others, of course, get left behind. Aren’t we all like that? We dream about all the things we want to do but often we can’t get all those things done. Some dream too small. I tend to dream too big.

I feel sad for those who have so little ambition or hope. But who am I to judge? What seems like a small step to me might be a big deal to another. “My goal is to take the dog for a walk every day,” is certainly a big deal for a person who was laid up after an injury for an entire year.

So, here are my way-too-big goals, that is, biting off more than I can chew:

I want to do one of those Survey Monkey thingies for anyone who has ever taken Lithium. So anyone can participate who ever took this drug. I would cover all angles, that is, if a person was put on and took one dose, or if a person took it for months or years, all possibilities would be included.

I would ask if the respondent had been warned about side effects such as pimples, the shakes, kidney damage, damage to the thyroid, etc. A relative can answer for a patient who is deceased.

So here’s my other idea: I want to create a site about insomnia and how I cured myself. It won’t take long at all to put the site up. I figure it will help a lot of people. But what if I wrote a short ebook and sold it for 99 cents?

Feedback and comments welcome!