Why can’t I see dark colors? I’m stumped on this one….

A quick google search didn’t get me any answers. Not yet. I found out the basics, but my own ophthalmologist gave me some info that I didn’t see in the “colorblindness basics” articles I read online. One thing he said was that many people who are as nearsighted as I have become end up also developing colorblindness. My nearsightedness, he says, is most likely hereditary. He said extreme nearsightedness in itself can bring on a host of other problems, so it’s good to at least be on the lookout for them.

He said at one point that my vision was changing rather rapidly. He was so concerned that he said that surely, something else was going on, that these changes were indicative of something else going on internally. He asked me to see to it that certain tests get done, for instance, my thyroid. I told him that I’d just had it tested and was waiting on the results. After all that got cleared up, I was still having one vision problem after another.

After I got completely off meds, my eyes stopped changing rapidly. My doctor said I didn’t have to come back for a full year! However, I’m now noticing this colorblindness and it’s awfully annoying.

People ask me, “What’s the big deal? You don’t drive, so….” Well, that’s not the problem. The problem is that every single thing I own is freaking black. Yep, every charge cord, every tech item, half my bags, half my containers, all my chargers, some of my pens and pencils, many of my clothes and hats and jackets….and so on. Never mind the colored things are so dark I can’t see them, either. There doesn’t seem to be a name for this type of colorblindness or even if it is colorblindness but I can’t distinguish these things and they literally “disappear” on me. If I had my way, I’d give the whole world a bright white background so I could clearly see all my stupid black objects. Or, I’d continue what I’m doing, that is, labeling every single black object I own with this obnoxious yellow duct tape. I hate yellow, but it’s the only color bright enough that I can see.  I’ve had lost dark objects go missing for months, in the dark never-never-land. There should be a junkyard for black tech stuff people like me can’t see.

God bless those shiny white labels everyone else hates that won’t come off. Without them, my stuff is forever lost. I love those obnoxious laundry tags that say, “Here I am!”  I hate bright colors but now, I’m forced to buy them. I won’t wear them, though. I like to hide. The good thing is, I can’ t see myself anymore. I can only see the bright shiny mirror.

I guess I got a bright future, though. That means it’s visible. On the horizon. I can’t see the damn rainbow, but that’s okay, I can see somewhere over the rainbow. Way up high. There’s a land that I heard of. Once in a lullaby.

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