Why hack? If a site is that “bad,” why not go through the courts to have it taken down?

Because they’re cowards.

If you don’t like a site, tough. If a site does something illegal, such as copyright infringement, THEN why not go through legal means to have the site taken down?

There are plenty of newpaper articles that I might not like. I stop reading them. Ir I write a comment on the article or a letter to the Editor.  If I am at the gym and the TV up above the treadmills is showing something grossly offensive (such as condoning violence to women) then I might suggest to the gym owner to change the channel. Or if it’s an individual TV, turn the damn thing off myself. There are preachers who preach offensive stuff and politicians who make blunders.

There’s nothing wrong with talking about your personal experience. I am me and you are you. If this is my experience and I am writing honestly, what I am doing is within the law. I won’t stop blowing the whistle and what I say is legal because it’s my own experience. This is a person al blog, not a money making racket. I’m not selling snake oil. So lay off.

I believe since this has occurred someone must feel threatened by me. How cool.  You do wrong, someone’s gonna talk. You can’t stop that blogger legally so you resort to hacking. It’s just plain immature. If I had been lying, you’d have gone through legal means by now. But you can’t.

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