Example of typical bullying

I know others in the Movement have gotten trolls. This one is typical of the kind of shit I get. Personal attacks:


“You say that your mother has dementia… and then you say that all psych labeling is harmful. Which is it?

When will you become demented? The best place for you will be a facility for the elderly, right?

Are you actually getting money from your family while complaining that they are terrible and have “abandoned” you? You could absolutely get a job bagging groceries in Watertown. Or working at a gas station as a cashier. You choose not to. You actually think low-level jobs are beneath you! LOL! YOU refuse to work. You’re a dishonest freeloader.

You’re fooling yourself if you think that anyone in real life–yes, even in Uruguay–finds you respectable.

You are delusional in being proud of SELF-PUBLISHING your writing. You are unaccomplished.
You are a drain on the system. You USER. You used so many services that truly mentally ill, suffering, honest people could have received and been helped by.”


This is the typical attitude. I wonder who “Sharon” really is. It really could be anyone, some asshole on Facebook who has never met me…Clearly this attitude is typical of those wishing to discredit everything i say and invalidate my experience. Anyway, posts like this are reflective of ignorance. The IP address this person is writing from is in France, but I bet it’s a fake IP.

Dementia isn’t a psych label, it’s neurological, meaning that the person’s brain cells have deteriorated, and can be seen on a scientific test done by a neurologist. It’s not a psychiatric condition, even though psychiatry insists on “treating” it.

Actually, the best place for people who have dementia is with their families. Those facilities for the elderly are  a huge money-making racket. It breaks my heart that my mom has to live the rest of her days behind locked doors.  I’d take care of my mom myself if I dared to go back to the USA.

Money isn’t love. My brother lived an hour’s drive away and refused to see me for decades. I was left out of family gatherings such as graduations and holidays. My other brother rarely saw me even though I knew he’d came to Boston and spent days there.  I spent every birthday alone. If that’s not being abandoned by your brothers, I don’t know what is.

I self-published my first book but my second was published by a publisher who publishes only a small percentage of the manuscripts that are sent to him.

I think the folks here in Uruguay can speak for themselves and this “Sharon” really has no clue. Has he/she ever been here? Doubtful.

He/she quoted my brother, saying I’m a “drain on the system.”  Was he/she even aware that these were his exact words to me?

So which is it? So-called “mentally ill” or not? This “Sharon,” in his/her last paragraph, states that I am not mentally ill but others are.   He/she also stated I was “delusional.” So which is it?

This is typical of the bullying I get online.

I can hardly wait to read this one to my REAL friends, cuz they’re gonna laugh their butts off.


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