Drug company payoffs

Oh, I can’t resist. Bravo to ProPublica for exposing the assholes getting rich just by prescribing drugs. I am so tempted to look up every single doctor I ever saw. ProPublica has expanded their list and now there are lots more listings. Take a look:


Your own doctor may not be listed, but look for the hospital where he/she works. Also, if he/she has worked on research projects or published papers, do a search on the other doctors involved in the study or the papers.

Look up Massachusetts General Hospital. Funded by AstraZeneca and Pfizer. Your tax dollars fund Medicare and Medicaid. Do you really want your tax dollars funding Mass General, a place that is bribed to prescribe Seroquel and Zyprexa? All their research is biased and you can’t believe any of it. Dr. Pearson worked with a group of psychiatrists to “prove” that various psych meds were “safe” to take during pregnancy. I would highly distrust this study since most likely it was in fact drug company funded. No wonder MGH is sparkly clean. All that drug company money helps them to keep the place looking pleasing to people. Oh no, they couldn’t possibly be a criminal racket.  And because of this, babies are damaged and women die. Oh, but they didn’t matter, did they?  What’s the loss of human life anyway? Money and reputation matter more.

Now that I see how much MGH was funded by AstraZeneca, it kinda explains why Dr. Pearson was so insistent that I was “happy” on Seroquel. Was she blind and deaf? Maybe the dollar signs were blocking her eyesight. I remember her asking leading questions and whenever I said I was doing okay or well while on Seroquel, she’d write that down. If I complained, she wouldn’t write it down, but tell me this was a “symptom” or was my imagination.

I guess the scale doesn’t lie, eh? The scale provides measurable data. Your doctor sure doesn’t.

“The weight gain is fine and you look okay. You need to accept your body.”

At nearly 200 pounds? I’m only five foot one….

She told me to diet and exercise. Okay, blame the patient for the drug reaction. I’ll never forget when she said that.

“You only feel fat.” No, the scale said I was overweight. The max (according to the charts) for someone my height is 132. How is being at 200 “just a feeling”?

She tried to push me onto Latuda in 2013. Why? I never had schiz. So that would have been off-label. Off label prescribing is legal in the USA. Wikipedia states the following: “Up to one-fifth of all drugs are prescribed off-label and amongst psychiatric drugs, off-label use rises to 31%.

Even Wikipedia tells us that drug companies do their own (biased) studies searching for more off-label uses for their drugs. Sell more, make more profit.

The newer antipsychotics are not any safer than the older ones. The difference is bucks. Guess who profits from your drugs?

A year of Risperdal, according to the drug company, “Will cost the patient less than $3,000 a year.” Well? Who pays? Medicare Part D, Medicaid, and other public drug assistance is funded by YOUR TAX DOLLARS. So taxpayers are paying to shorten innocent people’s lives and keep them sick. Do you really want to pay for this? Risperdal causes violent behavior.

Do you know some better uses for $3,000? That will pay a deposit on an apartment. It’ll pay back school loan debt or pay just to get a homeless person off the street. Guess how many families can be fed on $3,000? It’ll pay for more than lentils and beans. That $3,000 could go toward paying for food stamps instead of for drugging people. Imagine that. Less starvation, happier people. That was about 1/3 of what I got in a year from the US of A government, who paid me to stay sick.

So I looked up the masterminder at Mount Auburn Hospital who ordered that I be abused. Of course, Pearson had talked to him (according to my records, but most likely it was only traded voicemails). This was the hospitalist Bibek Kiorala, who was taken to rather expensive lunches a few times by the drug company reps.

Know how I used to say the director of Walden sold out? He, too, took bribes from Pfizer and Astra Zeneca. Nice expensive lunches. Do you think I am surprised? I guess he abandoned his nutritional approach in favor of forced “care” and coverup. Very sad.

Go ahead, if you dare. Look up that doctor you worship so much, and look up his/her “hospital” to see what a profitmaking racket the USA healthcare has turned into.

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  1. Julie, thanks for reminding us of all that. It’s easy to just block it out sometimes when it gets to be too much. The bastards. Someday, they’ll have to pay. But how many more lives will they ruin before they do? One of the alternative health newsletters I get in my email had an article recently about legal kidnapping by family “services,” and drug experiments on kids. They mentioned Justina, and said there may be prosecutions soon. We can only hope.

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