I fix stuff

I fix all kinds of things. I never knew I could do it. I used to think I wasn’t capable, that it wasn’t my turf, and that I’d have to rely on hired people to fix my stuff when it broke.

I heard the voice of my youngest brother who told me over and over how stupid I was and how I’d messed up my car. My other brother, too, telling me I was stupid with computers.

For years, I got put down and all I could hear was their condescending voices telling me how incompetent I was. So I never really tried.

Here, I address my readers: Do you want to be an adult? If you are adult age you should act like one. Learn self-reliance. Don’t rely on others to pick you up when you fall. What if your rescuers weren’t there? You cannot rely on others. They are unreliable.

All my life, I was fiercely independent and I made my own decisions. Mental Health Care ended that. I became dependent on those doctors for everything. That should never happen to anyone.

So now, I am away from all that.  I do for myself. I can’t count how many things I have fixed in the past week. I have fun doing it. Except there are so many leaks in the bathroom and I don’t have proper tools to fix them. I imagine the tools will cost me so much it might be more economical to get someone in here to do all four leaks at once. Before I move that is. PS: I got my eye on a place.


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