Puzzle, showered with love

I brought Puzzle into the shower with me this morning. I had heard that this could be done. I noticed over the past week that she seemed resentful to be separated from me while I showered, even if we were in the same room. So this morning I brought her right in with me. Actually, she went in first and had to wait while I got the last of my clothes off. Then, I hopped in too. She watched me curiously, wondering what on earth would happen next. I finished myself then told Puzzle that it was her turn. She wasn’t under the water at the time. Not yet. But she was plenty wet enough. I soaped her up with the mildest soap I have.

Puzzle was so thrilled!  What a blast! She wanted me to scratch her backside forever. I cupped my hands to rinse her. I put her back end right under the water and she didn’t mind one bit!

The drying part wasn’t hard either. I put a large bedsheet over her. I told her to sit and stay right there. She looked so cute with that slate blue sheet over her.

I dried her as best as I could. Then I got my blow dryer on her.  I used the cool shots feature so she wouldn’t have too much heat on her. She dried fast!

I proudly paraded Puzzle around the neighborhood. What a beautiful girl she is.  Mi perrita.

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