Friendship creed: “You and I”

We are human. We get along sometimes, and sometimes we don’t. We wander the earth and may meet others we particularly like. We call them friends.

Friendship is part of the human condition. It’s different from brothers and sisters, although we often here people speaking of a beloved sibling as a best friend. A spouse is also a friend. A spouse is your partner and if you are married you sign a legal marriage contract. Our friends aren’t bound by such documents.  A parent is legally obligated to care for his or her children. That’s part of being a parent.

Why are you my friend? I hope you like me, and likewise, I like you. We enjoy being together. We agree on some things. It’s impossible to agree on everything.

You live in your body, and I live in mine. I cannot say what it feels like to be you. You cannot say what it feels like to be me. We learn to see each other’s viewpoints by listening, sharing, touching, or exchanging ideas.

I have been a sovereign human being since the moment I was given my name. You likewise. Children are born human and should be respected just as much as adults. They are not big enough to take on adult responsibilities. Yet a child can be a friend, is this not true?

Someday, you may decide you don’t like me anymore. Or you may decide you want to move on. I may make similar decisions. We aren’t obligated to stay together, because friendship isn’t a contract.

People do move on. It’s true. We are human and our lives aren’t static. We grow. We die.

If you decide to leave me, does it mean you aren’t my friend? Does it mean I should feel a sense of loss or despair? Should I blame myself?

I used to, but I don’t anymore. I am not so sentimental as to say either “It wasn’t meant to be,” or, “It’s not the time now.” I believe neither of these statements are true.

If your friend is part of your life now then you are blessed. If your friend was part of your past life, then you are blessed. You are rich with experience. You have shared. your paths have crossed and you may have walked together for a while.  This is divine, especially in memory.

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