Just toss ’em

I blow it all the time. Since I been dumped so many times by friends I thought were oh so great and gonna stick around, I get scared over shit kinda needlessly. I got so tired of the ole,  “Yeah, Julie, anything you say, ” accompanied by rolling the eyes, the “loco” finger twirl, and that sigh I am starting to recognize all too well…..I learned, get this: you can’t trust anyone in this world. Your best friend can write you off in an instant. Or worse. So I blew it cuz I was scared. It seemed 99% improbable that this person wasn’t sincere. So…I asked.  Yep, asked. Ain’t that what the shrinks taught us? There’s another dumb idea I need to add to my list. But should a person play the game until they find out the hard way that your friend isn’t your friend? Either way, I got dumped. I am guessing not just over this. There was more to it. There always is. See ya.

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