Weather forecast for Puzzle’s birthday

Wednesday’s weather: Starting out at 59, then rising to 71 degrees Fahrenheit, sunny.  Ten percent chance of rain. Puzzle and I are going to go out and have a good time!  Of course, we do this every day, but I like to give Puzzle a longer-than-usual walk on her birthday.  It’s our yearly tradition.

She’s all spiffed up, too. She had a haircut last week. I need to take a photo. I guess now’s as good a time as any.

Puzzle after haircut

I tried with and without the flash. The one without the flash usually comes out better because Puzzle looks too white under the flash. Or the dreaded “red eye” shows up that won’t come out using “red eye” settings because it’s not red. I don’t know why animal eyes show up differently than people eyes.  I learned the reason for this in the photography class I took a long time ago, but I can’t recall now.

If you look off to the left (as you face her) you can see where she was bitten. The injury is now all healed, but still, there’s a bit of difference where she had to have her fur shaved, even with her present summer crew cut. I’m not sure about the area right around the bite. I suspect the scar will remain. It’s a coin-sized circle of skin that seems to be lacking pigment.

What coin, you ask? Oh, I’d say a five-peso coin.  You can buy a few zanhorias with a five-peso coin. Two of them will pay for a pepino, or a few small tomates, or one big one, and three will pay for a baggie of adobo. Six will pay for a half docen huevos, although when I’ve tried to buy only one, I sometimes get charged nine pesos. Many people purchase their huevos at the feria because they are cheaper, but most of the vendors won’t sell half a docen, only a docen, 15, or more.  I’ve heard people refer to one-peso coins as “pennies,” but of course, they’re worth more than US$.01. Fractions of a peso get rounded up or down. It took me forever to learn this. Someday, I will photograph our currency to show you what it looks like (and add my silly commentary).

Have a  nice day.

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