I was so bummed. I told myself I usually feel better if I show my face at the feria. Usually I have a good time. Sometimes, I need something I cannot find anywhere else. Or the prices are tons cheaper. The veggies you get there are fresh as can be. Like anywhere else, you gotta use common sense. If you look at something and you think it’s kinda flimsy, it is. On the other hand, you can find good products there if you look.

When I first got here, I was too shy to go. I didn’t know enough Spanish nor was I adept with the currency. It took a while for me to learn how much a lot of money was, and what were good prices. I learned. Still, I mix up the coins sometimes. I know the ten peso coins cuz they have a silver ring around them, but those 5, 2, and 1 peso coins look similar. They are differently sized, though. It took a while to recognize them quickly. Sometimes, even now, I mix up the 2’s and the 1’s. Yes, they have numbers on them but I can’t read them easily.

Now, I can hear someone say how much something costs and usually know what they are saying.  There are different accents here, so there’s a bit of a problem if you learn from one person and then find out someone else pronounces their words differently. That’s true anywhere you go.  Sometimes young people speak so fast or they shorten their words or use slang. I am rather lost then. When I screw up, no one can understand me at all!

Here’s an example: Nuevo, nueve, nieve.  New, nine, snow.  I mentioned that already, did I not?  There are a few more that are similar, too. When I went to the vet today I had to say that Puzzle needed a bath and a haircut. They are so kind there. They asked me slowly and I was able to not only say what i wanted but to describe the cut. I think Puzzle communicates much better than I do!

Today at the feria I was laughing to myself, telling myself I will come home and feel one of a few possibilities: One would be tired. Another, I’d tell myself I made out well. Another would be, “Oh my goodness, why on earth did I spend so much?” What I told myself today when I got home was that the muslo I bought for Puzzle sure is big! Are chickens getting bigger? Or are Puzzle’s eyes bigger than her stomach? This is gonna last a while if I can keep the meat cool.

It’s done cooking so I am going to take the meat off the bone. I think Puzzle is getting impatient.

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