I’m dangerous. Who are you? Are you dangerous, too?

They should lock up people like me. After all, I had intense desire to kill today. People like me are beyond hope and should be forever incarcerated. I must be a sociopath.

I was sitting here at my desk. Thinking my usual devious thoughts. Oh, plotting, scheming, thinking up the worst imaginable crimes….

Never mind that. I’m a writer. We think of stuff like this all the time.

But seriously, I am so close to murder right now that I’ll bet anyone, if they knew, would be shaking all over. I might attack at random. Quick, where’s that panic button? Get security. Fast.  This writer is dangerous.

I was sitting here at my desk. I was triggered. I mean, dangerously triggered. I heard the sound. Oh, that sound!


Me? Kill? Naw, I don’t have the heart to do it.  I didn’t even swat at it.  I’m no good at being dangerous. I put up a mosquito net, and I’m happily back to work.

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