Photos of my new office space and curtains

I put together my office yesterday, complete with new desk chair, table, desk lamp, and all the office supplies I need. I’d love to have an impressar (printer)!  This laptop PC that I’m currently using is ancient, and on its way out for sure! I will need to replace it soon!

Here’s a photo taken yesterday as soon as I was able to put the table together:

IMG_20141106_113236_571The table is plastic.  I purchased it yesterday and carried it home myself.  That was the easy part. Then, I had to put it together.  It was rather difficult getting the table legs into the designated holes in the upper part of the table. I tried everything I could think of but I didn’t want to force anything. Finally, I recalled what my dad used to do. He put soap on screws to get them to slide into tight holes. So I took bar soap and rubbed it onto the parts that made contact. I also used plastic sheets as separators, keeping in mind, of course, that the plastic itself was taking up space and causing the contact point to be an even tighter squeeze. My idea is that with the separator, the legs will come out easier if I ever have to relocate. Apartments are rarely “forever.”

I am sitting at my desk right now and am really quite happy with the setup.

This morning, very early, I dealt with the cortinas (curtains) that I’ve been meaning to put up for ages. The way the front entrance is set up, all it takes is to open my door curtain or open the door itself, and immediately the person standing outside can see my whole life. This reminds me far too much of my last residence in the USA. Those apartments lacked any privacy because, as I often worded it, they were “in your face.” The doors opened immediately to the hallway with no vestibule area. I used to walk down my hall and feel like I lived in a freaking nursing home! I hated that. What I did inside my apartment was no one’s business. This was my home, not some place where nurses looked over my shoulder and watched my every breath. I didn’t live in a room, I lived in a private residence, my apartment, except the privacy there was a joke.

So upon coming here, I had bad associations with the “in your face” idea. I wanted a separate space between my apartment and my front entrance. So I took the curtains that were already here, washed them (they were mildewy) and then hung them in a different place. The adjustable bar you see that holds the curtains up turned out to be problematic. I extended the bar then found that beyond that, it refused to budge. I couldn’t adjust the size because the thing was stuck. One of the ends broke off cuz it’s made of cheap plastic. I had to purchase round rubber discs for both ends. I also found some wood to use as wedge:

IMG_20141107_055124_389Yep, it’s true, I’m using little pieces of string as curtain hooks. It works fine.

A while ago I purchased two large scarves. These I made into curtains for my back double doors:

IMG_20141107_055254_003This photo was taken so early that the sky was still dark. The scarves are just the right lightness to allow light to come through. I like having a bright office. At the same time, (no offense to my upstairs neighbors) those looking into my courtyard cannot see into my office and peer at me while I sit here writing.

I think it’s funny that folks upstairs can see into my courtyard. If my doors are open, Puzzle is free to run out there whenever she wants. The little kids upstairs call out,

POOZ-lay!  POOZ-lay!

…and Puzzle stands on her back legs as brilliantly as she did as a puppy. She loves those kids , as do I, and I don’t think she minds at all. Yesterday she lay out there for a long time in a patch of sun, taking a snooze. Next time she does that, I’ll snap a photo.

BTW, Puzzle will turn 8 years old soon. Some say a dog is 7 times their chronological age in people years.  For a brief time, then, she’ll be 56 at the same time I am. After that, I’ll turn 57.

Okay, now I am going to get back to writing!


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