Day Five of Nanowrimo, midday.

At present, my word count is far ahead of par. I have now reached where I should be at the end of Day Seven. I know word count may seem trivial, but this goal-setting, to me, provides an adequate structure for me. The idea of continuing to write until I am finished gives me a boost of motivation and drive. I am reminded to concentrate my efforts on one project instead of my usual mode, which is to divide my efforts into far too many projects. I tend to quit early on, abandoning my work. If I have too many goals and projects going at once, I end up frustrated and far less productive.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with multitasking. It’s a good skill to have. Most professional chefs are amazing at multitasking. They cut up veggies, boil the broth, bake the casserole, and marinate the meat all at once. They make it look easy on TV, don’t they? They go back and forth, checking this and that for doneness. They never lose track of their task and never leave food to scorch or burn.

Every task is done like this. We must break things up into mini-tasks, but at the same time, retain the coherent focused whole of a long-term project.  It’s not easy! However, we improve with practice, and gain further confidence with time.

That’s how you grow up, by the way.

I think I will take a shower then return to writing and the remainder of my day.

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