Colorblindness and losing dark objects

I think it’s finally cooling off. It was 91 degrees here today.  Puzzle was hot all day and I didn’t want to keep her out long. She’s sleeping on the bare floor right now. It’s one of those occasions I am glad I have a stone floor in the living room. Or I think it’s stone. My only objection is that the floor is so dark that I lose anything dark colored if it’s on the floor. I can’t see it! In keeping with Colorblindness Awareness Day (not really, I just made that up) I’ve darkened the text of this entry. I wish I could remember to do that for all entries. Why do they insist we write in dim grey text, anyway? My courtyard has white tile on its floor. My bedroom floor is some type of sheetrock or looks like it. The bathroom floor is also frustratingly too dark and I lose things on that floor as well. I put a bamboo beach mat in there as a rug, partially solving the problem.

Why are all tech things black? That drives me nuts cuz they get lost so easily. I purchased yellow duct tape a while back, and stuck it on all my black stuff so these things won’t get lost. When I went to purchase a new belt pack I bought a bright red one I was sure I couldn’t miss. That one ripped, so now I have a blue one. I bought it at the feria. All the other belt packs were black and they seller kept looking at me oddly while I was fishing through to find the one blue one. I got a method to my colorblind madness. Do you notice that just about all computer cables are black? Drives me nuts. I lose ’em all.

I know what you are thinking. It’s a good thing Puzzle’s boyfriend isn’t a black lab. He’s a red mutt, dark red, and he has white paws. I’m sure he’s a mix, but what on earth does he have in him? This guy gets around, trust me. He hangs around Disco, and twice when Puzzle and I went to the feria, there was her boyfriend, schmoozing with the other dogs. Three followed us home from the feria. On one occasion, a car (or was it a truck?) passed by and inside was a barking dog. Puzzle’s BF and a yellow dog that hangs around both chased that darned truck for a number of blocks down (up?) Artigas. When they both decided they’d had their fill of chasing the truck, they came back and bugged the heck out of Puzzle again. I can’t recall if they followed us to my door or not. Bye bye, BF. You can’t come in. Sorry! Go find your other girlfriends!

Yeah, if I had a black lab I’d never see him on this floor. He’d be lying down taking a snooze and I’d step on him by accident. I’m sure he wouldn’t want that. Or maybe after the first time, he’d show his very white teeth just in time, so I’d know, “Oh, Buster, it’s you! Grinning at me! What nice big teeth you have!”

So now, off-white Puzzle has gone out into the off-white courtyard.   But the kids upstairs aren’t colorblind like me. You bet they see Puzzle right away! I have yet to figure out which kid is having a blast calling out to Puzzle and waiting for Puzzle to stand on her back legs and respond. It’s so cute! I don’t think she minds. I think she likes being a ham. I don’t hear the kids right now, so maybe they’re having kiddie dinner. They’re sweet kids. I cannot really perceive what type of kid P will turn out to be, but I can tell the older one, M, has a wonderful precocious character. She’s outgoing and very smart. I’d say she looks quite a bit like her mom.  Too bad it isn’t the 1960’s. She’d make a great girl hitchhiker but I know her mom would be furious just like my own parents were. Oh, to be young again. Maybe not. I like the kid I am.

Saturday is Nov 1st. The first day of National Novel Writing Month. I am hoping to have a suitable desk and chair in here. I have the chair picked out. Yep, it’s red, not black. Bright red. I am not going to lose that chair anytime soon. But I am undecided on the desk. I want a bigger one than I see in many shop windows. I don’t want a glass desk cuz you all’s know what would happen as soon as I got it home. Or if I felt like smashing my Nano book once done with it, a few weeks from now.

IMG_20141012_143935_147This is Puzzle and her girlfriend, taken a few weeks ago. I forget the GF’s name. I was dogsitting for about an hour or so. We were at the Domingo de Perros! That’s the day the whole town celebrates its beloved dogs. Here’s another photo from that celebration:


Yep, an agility contest. Rather informal. The dogs were amazing that did this. They were all larger than Puzzle, mostly Border Collies and related mixes.

IMG_20141012_151641_067This is Ruta 11. I was running on this road a couple of days ago. This is a view looking north. You can see the auxiliary road for pedestrians alongside the highway.


Here’s my breakfast from a couple of weeks ago:


Okay, I’m done showing off photos. See ya later!


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