Written in praise admiration for fellow writer Desha Blue

I highly recommend Desha Blue’s book, Abducted by Aliens, or anything else she has written. This is an amazing collection of poetry about psych abuse. All I can say is, wow. I can sure relate. Everything she says is absolutely true about what “they” do.

I write this to honor Desha and I support her efforts 100%. I truly believe in what she is doing to show the world precisely what psych abuse does to a person.

I can’t say it was that bad at first otherwise surely, I wouldn’t have ever gone back. I’d say the last 6 years for me were bad. The last three, Living Hell. As soon as they claim you lack insight, you become worthless shit.

It’s true that psych abuse wrecks lives, breaks families apart, and is the #1 cause of suicide.

I am writing this also remembering Diane Daw. She was a good friend of mine. We were hospital roommates.  We laughed together many nights. After that, we remained friends.

Diane was an amazing artist. A painter. She was witty and, I’d say, brilliant.

In 1986, I left Vermont and moved to the Boston area. I begged Diane to move and leave the incompetent quacks she was seeing. Namely Carl Burak, MD and the other incompetent she saw. However, Diane was rather taken by these doctors and praised their expertise. In the same breath, she said she knew they were not only humbugs but that she was getting nowhere with them.

That’s how it is with folks that get immersed and too deeply into it. Psych abuse sucks you in just like spousal abuse and you can’t get away.

I sent Diane a letter in 1988 and her roommate wrote back that she had died. The letter said she had been buried in Connecticut. Nothing

I knew instinctively that it was suicide. A year ago I was able to confirm this. Yep, it took that long. I had just left Mount Auburn Hospital. I was totally shaken by the abuse that had happened to me.

While in the hospital I had absolutely no plans nor intent to kill myself. All I wanted was to get out of there because what they were doing to me was despicable.

But after they totally crushed me, I faltered for a while. I cried every day and held onto my little dog, Puzzle.

I pray for each and every victim of psych abuse. Call it medical abuse if you will. To this day, I still see the faces of those abusers. Dr Patrick Aquino and Dr Christopher Roy. I had no awareness of the murderer “hospitalist,” Dr Bibek Kiorala. This was the one who engineered it all, per order of Dr. Kimberly Pearson, who told them they needed to watch their asses cuz I was a liability case. Yeah, a thing. A case. Not even human. Money spoke louder than my words. But not for long cuz I got a big mouth. And I am alive.

Thank you, Desha, for speaking the Truth.

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