Update on Puzzle, who was bitten by another dog yesterday

Puzzle is so much better today. We went for a walk and she did fine. I didn’t want to put strain on her, so we didn’t walk far, and of course I didn’t allow her to play with other dogs. I fear that should someone accidentally bump into her cut she will get very grumpy!

Her rear end looks better, too. I think the antibiotics are helping. I haven’t put the cone back on because she isn’t picking at her rear end anymore. If I hear or see her start to do that again, I will try telling her to stop, which actually works…for a while anyway.  But if she cannot resist, the cone will have to go back on. She needs to let it heal.

Today I will go out and try to find a heating pad, a small, nonthreatening one. I’m not sure where the best place would be to get one. Probaby the Farmacia in town. They seem to have all sorts of things such as blood pressure monitors and the like.  Also, there’s a place down the way where they sell wheelchairs and that sort of thing.

Wherever I go, I will have to ask in espanol. I can do this and I’m used to it. I am often asked questions about what I want and I get stumped trying to figure out how to respond. I am learning a little bit every day, though. For instance, a few months ago I was really terrible and understanding numbers.  I would try to say a certain number and I’d end up saying in in French or I’d goof the numbers totally.

For instance, fourteen sounds one heck of a lot like forty. I laugh when I make goofs like that cuz I know this mixup is most likely common among folks that don’t know Spanish too well. And get this:


These are two different words entirely! Nuevo means “new” and nueve mean “nine.” I could tell you a zillion funny mixups I’d done in the past few months. Do you know that the word in espanol for teen or adolescent looks just like the English word, “embarrassed”?  I screwed up “si” all the time, too. That means “yes” but if I say “ya” or “yeah,” people think I am from Germany.  There’s a word for pregnant, too, that sounds like something entirely different when transliterated into inglese.

I was in the thrift store the other day and saw a pair of jeans that were obviously for pregnant women…with the elastic top…if you aren’t pregnant you probably don’t want to wear it, right? I couldn’t recall the word for pregnant, but I did recall “futura mama.”

Puzzle has just come in here and is saying “hello,” or, “hola” to all of you! She will have another veterinary adventure this afternoon. Don’t worry, she really loves going to the vet, always has!

Hasta luego!

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