Puzzle did fine at the vet today!

We had a good trip to the vet. I brought Puzzle’s bed with me. The reason for this was so that I could tell her to lie down in her bed, then I could easily lift her while inside her soft, cushiony bed up onto the vet table for easier viewing. No problemo! She didn’t mind this at all.  Her visit went fine.

She is healing rapidly. Her wound is improved considerably.  Also, her rear end is healing fine. The vet said I could stop the Vitamin K. But he also said be sure she gets all doses of antibiotic. I told him she takes it just fine when I add it to her food.

I was shocked at how low the bill was. I am embarrassed, in fact, to tell you because you will never get such low cost veterinary service in the US.  Even the free vet where I took Puzzle occasionally would have charged more just for meds. The free vet isn’t open Sundays and traveling to the MSPCA vet wouldn’t have been possible with an open wound unless i took a cab….eeeks, that would have been insane. I would have had to go to the emergency service and the charges there are out of this world just to be seen. I suppose vet costs are so low here because vets are in high demand. There are more dogs than people here! I suppose I am only joking when I say that but actually, as far as I can see, many households have many resident dogs. And there doesn’t seem to be any documented statistic on this or breakdown per community that I can find.

Puzzle is so happy here. Each time we moved she had to adjust, and she did this marvelously. She feels less threatened here than she did in Watertown. People are so nice to her and many know her name. If I am out and Puzzle isn’t with me, they’ll surely ask where my perrita is. I will say she’s at mi casa and then make a gesture for sleep, because I can never recall the espanol word for sleep.

I went to buy vegetales y frutas today at my usual spot. I buy from the same person nearly every day. So we are friendly, and she takes good care of me. I try to pick up more espanol by speaking with her and dealing with the groceries. She speaks clearly and doesn’t mush her words together. I have no clue about accents here, and what is considered proper espanol for the locale.  Her espanol is easier to understand so I have a blast trying out the words I know. I can understand much more than I used to.

The vet assistant remarked that my espanol has improved. Wow, what a wonderful compliment! You might compare the various compliments that seem to make people feel good:

“You’ve lost weight.” That one must top them all, eh? or at least among the general public.

So, we’re off to more adventures. I nee to feed Puzzle and get going. I have another bit of positive info to share with you but that will be for manana. Hasta luego!

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