Update: Puzzle was bitten by another dog today, home from the vet and resting

I am tired too! We are cuddling right now. But to make sure that I don’t accidentally rub any sore spots, she is inside her bed and I have the bed right here next to me with Puzzle all snuggled inside.

Our vet gave Puzzle an injection of tranquilizer because otherwise she wouldn’t let anyone anywhere near where she’d been bitten. It appears that there is only one puncture wound,probably from the amigo’s upper canine tooth or an incisor. The bite didn’t get as far as Puzzle’s lung but was still into the pleura. We were concerned about fluid in that area.

We waited a bit before the vet checked again because he said sometimes the tranquilizer can interfere and cause a false indication of fluid in the pleura area.

I wrote my earlier entry here while waiting for the tranquilized to take effect and finished the entry during the wait for the tranquilizer to settle to check again for fluids. Thankfully,  I had known enough to bring Puzzle’s airline carrier with me, the soft one that she loves, the one we had used when flying from Boston to Miami.  I carried Puzzle home in it.

She came out after a while but didn’t get far. She slept right outside her carrier for a few hours.

I made liver for Puzzle. She certainly didn’t act herself! She didn’t come up to me and go, er, “bonkers” when she smelled her favorite delicacy the way she always does. I was even more concerned when I gave her the yummy meal and she wouldn’t even look at it. That’s not like her! I phoned the vet at that point and he assured me that this is to be expected. He said to try later. She doesn’t have any dietary restrictions but he said that soft food would be better than dry.

I brought Puzzle’s dish into the other room and waited. Maybe an hour or two later, around 15:00, Puzzle ate a small amount of liver then crawled into bed. 

I think I will get up now. I will see if Puzzle wants to try to eat or maybe go outside for a potty trip. She is an awesome perrita! Photos coming soon!

2 thoughts on “Update: Puzzle was bitten by another dog today, home from the vet and resting”

  1. I hope Puzzle is okay. Please update tomorrow if she is eating well again. I worry like crazy if my dog turns down a treat. Maybe the tranquilizer shot just made her feel too dopey to want to eat (a problem I can relate to).

    1. For certain! When I phoned the vet he said she was too out of it and probably needed a few more hours before she would even look at food. Turned out Puzzle finally ate right when the vet said she’s want to. After that, she was much peppier. Our first walk was barely anything. I had to walk at a snail’s pace. She’s slowly getting back to herself again. We have another appointment tomorrow in the afternoon. I think the vet needs to double check just in case there was more internal bleeding beyond what happened immediately. I am sure she’ll be fine. She’s kinda scared though. Or was, until the tranquilizer doped her up!

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