Puzzle photos, the past few days

A couple of these are TMI. But only one or two, I think.  I got a bunch to show you!

First of all, here she is, totally cute!

Puzzle sitting in her bed, 9-16-14That was Tuesday.

Here she is after she went to sleep!

IMG_20140918_172748_088You can see she is enjoying a nice snooze!

Here she is again…

IMG_20140920_122313_899Yeah, she’s a Cone Head alright. I noticed she was licking herself a whole lot. Then, it must have been Saturday that I saw a sore on her rear. This means vet time!  As I suspected, she has a little anal gland infection. It doesn’t seem too serious but it needs to clear up and for Puzzle to quit picking at it! What a little sneak she is, whenever she gets a chance she goes and peeks. She’s sore, but other than that she’s gonna be okay.


Another view:




Okay, the following photos are from today….And I should warn you, this one is TMI. It wasn’t as bad as it looks because the blood made the injury appear rather large.  It’s a puncture wound. Puzzle got bitten!  By another dog.






IMG_20140921_084455_262That was taken outside the vet office. Would you believe, on a Sunday, my vet came to the office within minutes of my call!  He knew it was me when I called, so he answered in inglese.  I guess my number, along with other patients’ numbers is in his addy book on his phone so he knows that if a patient calls on a Sunday, it must be urgent!  He told me to go right away to the office. Thankfully, it’s only a few blocks. At that time, Puzzle could do the two blocks, but she was feeling YUCKY! I brought her carrier just in case…and it turned out that I needed it!

IMG_20140921_103858_201I took a few of Puzzle at the vet office but I guess they aren’t here. Maybe I didn’t press the shutter all the way.  This one is at home. I took Puzzle’s carrier and put it right on top of my bed, and opened the zipper door. When she finally felt okay to come out, she did, but as you can see, she didn’t really want to go very far! She’s ZONKED!  You can see where the area around the wound is shaved now.


After a bit, I realized Puzzle was cold, so I covered her with the blanket she was lying on.

IMG_20140921_104017_584I know what you’re thinking. “Awwww.”

IMG_20140921_140106_303What? Not eating LIVER? Yep, she actually refused to eat! Puzzle never refuses food, especially liver. But after a quick phone call to the vet, I knew not to worry. He said to give her food later. And I did. Another thing I found out was that I needed to lift the bowl up. I don’t think it’s comfy for her to stand with her head bent down. Not all stiff after three or four shots and also having that wound, AND a sore rear!

IMG_20140921_140518_840I brought her bed into the living room. Actually, I carried her from my bed to the living room inside her bed, so it would be easier for her and more comfortable.  She seemed quite cold, so I ran my space heater a bit.  I didn’t want the heat blowing right on her, so I placed it in such a manner that she was warmer but didn’t have a draft on her.

IMG_20140921_180944_585I put a shirt on her for going out, to protect her wound.  Also, I sure don’t want anyone grossed out!  I knew I mustn’t allow anyone to pet her because should anyone go near her sore spot, she will certainly let the person know…and won’t be all that nice about it. Dogs can’t help it when they are hurting. I guess instinct tells them they need to be extremely protective of an injury. Sounds like a useful instinct, eh? Still, I knew I must be on the lookout for curious ninos!

IMG_20140921_180958_564Guess who? Guess what? I got Puzzle to eat! She ate the first meal slowly. But later on, I fed her again and she gobbled up her food just like she always does. Why the heck do dogs do that?


Needless to say, it’ll be a while before Puzzle is back to normal and having a blast on the beach! But here she was a few weeks ago. We go to the beach regularly! We weren’t far from the beach when Puzzle got bitten today, out on La Rambla, headed home. I didn’t want her running on the beach this morning with sore anal glands and I felt that she’s a little awkward in a cone anyway.  She doesn’t need the cone now because she’s too out of it to fuss and bite herself. But should she get sneaky, it’ll have to go back on. Not till tomorrow. Manana.


What a blast she has on the beach. Usually, no one’s there. We get the place to ourselves.

Goodnight! We’re gonna go cuddle! But I promise I will be rather careful or she’ll be pissed, eh?

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