Instructions to medical and psych institutions on how to properly abuse patients

We have seen these doctors and hospitals choose the wrong patient to abuse, have we not? They picked wrong when they picked Justina. Maybe these institutions need abuse policy books, as follows:

Don’t abuse patients unless you are sure they won’t be able to get effective legal assistance.

Don’t kill patients. You can do anything but that.

As soon as the patient starts to complain or to contact legal assistance (outside of in-house “human rights” offices which only shuts up the patients) see to it that their phone and internet is either monitored or cut off. Even if you have to stretch things and say you are doing it for some bogus “safety” reason.

Cut phone wires if you have to, or deliberately see to it that the phones don’t work well, that they are placed in extremely public places, and call “Group” to get patients off the phone when you have to.

If you see patients discussing empowerment, break up the discussion immediately, especially if the patients are recognizing that your facility is unlawful in some way.  You really don’t want this stuff leaking out, do you? Tell the patients it’s bad for their treatment or will exacerbate their symptoms. They will surely fall for that line.

Always back up other practitioners, and see to it that the patient is completely discredited. Tell the patient that talking about patient rights is a disease, called “paranoia.” Convince all the compliant patients that this disease exists, so the patient who is more aware of the wrongs in the system finds herself completely  lacking support in the patient “milieu.”

We, the medical establishment, have already declared that it’s fine to hide side effects from patients or to make a bogus comparison between diabetes and bipolar.  We figure patients arn’t worthy of our being honest and respectful. After all, compliance is far more important. They are dangerous beasts , are they not? To subdue them is far more important than respect and decency!  Our little fibs are fine.  By the time the consequences happen, they’ll be so fucked up, or dead, or institutionalized, that what will it matter?

So long as we don’t get sued, we are sinless gods, and even a lawsuit is a slap on the wrist for most of us.

Roll, on, brothers, pass the basket, and let’s enjoy our riches and power.

Love, Julie and Puzzle

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