My next book will be called, “Black Box Warning.”

I had to think hard on this one.  I’ve been trying to gather ideas.  I know I want to write a book that will be of interest to others. Something they will pick up and read.

Ten Kindle sales of This Hunger Is Secret in its first year out is pathetic.  It’s a decent book, but no one even bothers! I’m not sure how to deal with this….

I do know that as a writer…I don’t want to “sell out.” What do I mean by this?

I’ve seen this in the past.  I’m speaking specifically of folks who have been chronic mental patients who write books. How do they get promoted? Well?

Parents…if they are young.  Fine, but what approach do these parents take? Do the parents “sell” the child as a NAMI poster child?


A NEDA recovery child? Cuz I’ve seen that done, too. Didn’t we see that Thom guy “sell” that gal who wrote the “Ed” books? The Nashville singer….I’m stuck on her name right now. Or, rather, she was a great marketing tool for him. She’s sweet and VERY pretty. She sells his therapy very well. He sells her books. What a money-making team. She’s famous and she gets loads of speaking engagements just for having personified an eating disorder and reducing us to kindergarten kids. Sorry, Jenni, I felt insulted while reading your books. I guess they are nice for kids, though.

Or, a drug company sponsors the book. Sure, a Lilly scholar.

“I was so sick, but now, I work for THEM.” Gee. What a sellout.

A therapist of mine suggested I try to get published with  Gurze books. But who funds Gurze?  Well, they are a nonprofit (supposedly) business, so they couldn’t rely on profit to sustain themselves…meaning they rely on contributions…from where and whom and…well, you wonder. I know my own publisher receives funding from the UK government. Not that I am fond of governments…but that’s what nonprofits generally do when they establish themselves as doing good for the community. So if the government is convinced that the nonprofit is worthy, they fund it…supposedly this is how it works.  Gurze is in California…ties with NEDA…hmm. Very strong ties that weren’t there at first.

For whatever reason, I fear NEDA is doing painfully similar things to what NAMI does, so I am quite suspect. I wouldn’t want to write a book and then be a NAMI poster child. I wouldn’t want to be a NEDA poster child, either.

I don’t want to be a poster child for a drug or particular cure or to sell out by accepting funding that will align me with an organization…especially one that imprisons people or engages in forced or coerced care, or encourages such “care.”

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