Dang….All adding up. The plumber went to the right address, wrong town. Guess who got accused? Yeah,  I was told I must have stepped out and not been home when he had come. I told my landlady I had been home the entire day. Not only that, dying to go to the bathroom! He came today with no advance notice , fixed the toilet but not the leaky shower.  My landlady ran the shower for one second and claimed there wasn’t a problem with it.

I am exhausted after all this. I have so many privacy concerns with this woman. One night I turned on a light, stood outside my apartment,  and yeah, I think if she wanted to, at night she sure could see me  inside my apartment  from her area. Unbeknownst to her, I put additional materials over the door. I removed them well before she entered the patio.  I am so tired.

Love, Julie and Puzzle

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