In a Rush, Hellish Situation

Unless you been through Katrina, or a flood or serious mold in your home, you, might think I got “issues”” with water. Oh no, please, no more shrinks! I need dry land! What is the one thing that`s gonna help most when you see that water coming in?

1. Zyprexa, PRN , immediately.
2. Put a paper bag over your head.
3. Process it in group
4. Weigh and measure the water. Remember, too much will throw off your electrolytes.
5. Remind yourself that this couldn”t be true. We are only allowed positive thinking.
6. This flood is only your Eating Disorder talking. Dont listen to it.
7. You got a problem? Go tell staff.

How about none of the above?  The following are your best friends….
those plastic bags that people say are sin
a blow dryer
Dry clothing and dry towels
Paper towels
disinfectant including ethyl alcohol
Something to keep bugs away
Clean water to drink
clean, unbreakable dishes
blankets, sleeping bag
food…root veggies are best, such as carrots, beets, potatoes, boniata, onion….
Your dog is your best friend.
Wish me luck.

Love, Julie and Puzzle

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