Response to Dr. Pamela Wible’s articles on doctor suicide

I am on Dr. Wible’s mailing list, so I receive mailings from her periodically. She started Ideal Medical Clinics. Nice idea.

She’s good-looking enough to be allowed to give a TED Talk, apparently, so folks have taken notice, and rich enough to have plenty of friends. Of course, she’s a doctor. She says she’s different. I wrote to her and asked her where I could find one of her clinics. This was back when I lived in the USA. I contacted her…she said I wouldn’t be judged by my “label” at such a clinic…but honestly, I wonder. I was so scared of any doctor, especially back then. I found out that all the Ideal Medical Clinics within a few hours’ drive are closed to new patients…never mind I couldn’t even get there anyway.

I am still on Dr. Wible’s mailing list. She’s been talking about doctor suicide. Like this was the Biggest Problem on the Planet and this was cause to raise hell. Um…I suppose everyone’s got their pet cause.

To which I reply…

Dr. Wible claims doctors are under stress. So is anyone who lives in poverty. So is anyone who is going through a divorce. So is anyone who is oppressed, such as within an oppressive marriage or being bullied. So are most adolescents, because they are growing very fast.

Dr. Wible points out that the answer is two-fold:

  1. Ask. Ask your doctor if he/she is under stress, or even being abused by his/her employment situation.
  2. Love your doctor more.

Okay, do we do this for anyone else? Or are doctors privy to this “love” and above psychiatric labeling? Why are doctors above labeling? Or, why don’t we treat everyone as well as Dr. Wible proposes we treat our rich, privleged doctors?

Instead, I see the following done to most of the rest of us non-privileged:

  1. A person is suspected of being suicidal.
  2. No one even asks because it is assumed the person will lie. (What if it’s not true?)
  3. The person is forcibly detained or police action is taken.
  4. The person is forced into “treatment” they may not want or need.
  5. The person is labeled…that is, a diagnosis. For life.

You get stuck in “treatment” and all anyone has to do is suspect you are suicidal. If you are one of the rich, nice-looking, privileged, well-loved few, you get excused, you get a few days off, you get loved loved loved, and certainly don’t end up labeled a criminal like I did.

Moral: Don’t send the cops. Instead, ask. That shows you care.

Caring about a person is the best cure if you think a person is suicidal. Not sending them to “treatment.” That’s not love.

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