I got away from assholes and I am so, so happy!

Yes, it’s true that if you feel blue it probably means you are surrounded by assholes. Most likely, you will feel tons better once you have gotten away from jerks. It’s a complete myth that “your problems are within yourself.” Anyone who harps on this and repeats it to you, telling you how miserable you are IS part of the problem! Get away from assholes right away and you will feel so, so much better! I do!

It used to be that not one day would go by that I wasn’t in some fashion called “stupid.” Oh, okay, does that sound paranoid? Hear me out. I’d walk out on the street, try to cross, get honked at and the impatient driver would yell out, “Stupid!” So there you have it. Stupid #1.

I walk past my neighbor and she decides I’m walking too close to her parking space. She calls out, “Stupid!” Stupid #2.

I take Puzzle out for her morning walk. Puzzle sniffs a lawn. I hear, “Get that fucking dog off our lawn or we will call the police! Stupid!” Stupid #3.

I go to get my mail and I accidentally brush alongside of an overweight lady. She says to me, “Stupid!” and walks away. Stupid #4.

I’d go take a bus. I’d pay for the bus using my Charlie Card. My Charlie Card would now and then slip out of my hand, onto the floor. I’d pick it up again, excusing myself, but in the process, hold up the line by three seconds. An impatient person would shove me from behind, calling out, “Stupid!” Stupid #5.

I’d hit the buzzer to signal to the bus driver that I wanted to get off. The bus driver would stop (I hoped). If I took to long exiting the bus, I was again called “stupid” by other passengers. Are you still keeping count?

My mail was waiting for me at home. I’d open a letter from Social Security. “Your payments are…and this is all you are worth.” Clearly, they don’t believe I am smart enough to count the “stupids,” right? Or even recognize them. Or write these words.

Oh, the drudgery. I’d go to the store and the store clerk, knowing I paid with food stamps, oh, they’d be “doing their job” I suppose…they’d follow me, assuming I was going to shoplift. After all, that’s what poor folk do. Steal. I’d feel insulted.

What was I supposed to do, though? I carry a knapsack so that I don’t have to take a plastic bag, and so I can carry things on my back, freeing up my hands. The do-gooders (btw, mostly wealthier folks than me) say plastic is so, so evil, yet a knapsack labels me, a poor person, as a thief. Oh, stupid, too.

I walked out. Yes, left all that bullshit behind. I am never assumed to be stupid anymore. In fact, I am valued for my abilities and talents and I am among folks that cherish me and respect me.

No, the “problem” wasn’t within, and anyone saying that was an asshole to begin with. Go, take your “treatment” and shove it.

Wrongful psych imprisonment in OHIO!

I want to tell you about a man unjustly imprisoned in Ohio named John Rohrer. He’s been stuck in a state mental “hospital” for four years against his will. Why is he there? He’s done no crime, so there’s no reason to imprison him. He’s no so-called psychotic nor a harm to himself nor to others, nor is he violent.

Let me tell you something. I’ve been in the same situation myself. I’m intelligent and I’m not psychotic either, but they tried to do the same thing to me. They tried to imprison me and forcibly drug me forever. Why? I was talking too much. That’s right. Speaking out. Tattling on them. Liability, they said. This was the REAL reason they were monitoring me so closely. I knew too much.

John is very, very smart. He knows the drugs are harmful. They are giving him Risperdal long-acting, that is, the deconate, at a very high dose. The deconate is so dangerous that people who are on it have to be watched for hours afterward to see whether or not they drop dead. When he tells them it’s harming him, guess what they say?

“John, you are delusional about your drugs.”

Now, readers of this blog know better than that. These drugs are indeed harmful. You guys know the drugs harmed me. You have seen photos of me at 200 pounds from the drug Seroquel, right? You know lithium destroyed my thyroid gland and destroys most people’s thyroids, and they are regularly lied to about this, and regularly lied to about kidney damage. The deconate version of these drugs is so, so dangerous that in fact it should never, ever be given to anyone, ever. Ever. Not even if a court orders it. Especially not to a brilliant man such as John.

And get this: John is a wonderful, sensitive man. He is a writer. Yes, a writer. Just like me. He has written and published books.

I think John shouldn’t be imprisoned, don’t you?

Please help! Anything you can do!