Why stir up the pot? It’s my job because I am a writer. Regarding just how bogus mindfulness is…..

So some “mindfulness”-toting dude starts on a rant about how great this “therapy” is.  I’m sure there were dollar signs in HIS eyes. I wanted no part of that discussion after that, trust me. “Mindfulness” was nothing but a way that Marsha lady made money converting Buddhism, which is an Eastern religion or spiritual practice, into profit making for Western pop psychology so more patients would be helpless, dependent, and stuck in therapy longer.  Isn’t it great to convince patients they “can’t control their emotions’ and somehow, that’s some “disease”?

Personally, I think being young in itself is all about being a bit over the top with one’s emotions, and getting older, we even out more. We are more extreme at the younger ages and when we are under stress, thereby appearing “bipolar.” So that’s when many end up with these “diagnoses.’ The myth is that this “uncontrolled emotions” gets pinned at “permanent disability” or “personality disorder” when what it really is, is a temporary stress,  or someone treating you badly.  You would be surprised to see just how temporary it is if only those therapists would leave us alone and let us grow as we are meant to do naturally.

2 thoughts on “Why stir up the pot? It’s my job because I am a writer. Regarding just how bogus mindfulness is…..”

  1. Julie, you hit the nail on the head about how normal youthful emotions get branded as “bipolar.” And if normal, healthy kids aren’t already goofy enough for a diagnosis, they’ll jack them up on ssri’s or adderall till they are.
    Keep stirring up the pot, Julie. The pen is mightier than the sword (or the prescription pad.)

    1. Aw, thanks. Yeah, I’ve been told things like, “If I didn’t go to a shrink, I’d be in prison.” I had to laugh at that one. Mental hospitals ARE prisons! I’d say many doctors qualify as pushers, most of whom break the law themselves by doing unlawful tortures worse than animal cruelty, even at the outpatient level, and should be in prison themselves. Not all doctors, but many. I give credit to the very few that actually aren’t disrespectful. Show me one….

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