My list for Santa

Dear Santa,

Do others send you letters, too? What on earth do they ask for? Here’s my list, not necessarily put in order of importance.

I would like clean clothes to wear, and a bed that is dry.

I would like the ability to keep my belongings dry, the few I still have. Everything I own is sopping wet right now, filthy and stinking, with no end in sight to this dilemma.

A few less mosquitoes.

I would like to have a friend or two who willingly spend time with me, that is, in person.  This I have not had for over a decade, since my boyfriend died.

Since I can find no in-person companionship for now, then Santa, could I please, please have reliable phone or way to hook up a phone? And an actual real person on the other end of the line, a friend who has a conversation with me?

The ability to sleep an entire night. For three years straight I have not had this.

I turned off my computer, feeling sad and told myself I will rest for a while, but then realized I’d forgotten to add one more thing to the list: If you don’t mind, Santa, could I have a loving family? I used to have one, many years ago.  It’s only a memory now.

If I had these things I would be able to be a fully contributing member of society.

* * *

Note: I am a 56-year-old woman.  Recently, I fled my home due to bullying and I am trying to get my life together.

Feedback and comments welcome!