I found a laundry place

It’s not far from here. I found that my search term was wrong.  I was searching for lavanderia. It’ s not that. It’s lavandero.

Now how funny is that?

It’s not self-serve. Such a thing doesn’t exist in the entire country.  However, they will wash it for me and maybe deliver.  I’m told to specify “no perfume” and “no softener” and in Spanish and have them repeat this back to me over and over.  I can bring my things, all of them, tomorrow maybe.

Wow, I can hardly wait!  After a month, you can imagine.

After everything is washed and bone dry, I will keep all my clothes sealed in bags, never to be opened to this foggy air they have here.  And I am treating myself to a deshumidificador.  You can guess what type of fancy machinery that is!  A little one. I’ll bet I can take one home by cab.

I am tired of filthy, stinking clothes.  They got this way because of extreme humidity. I tried so hard to wash them by hand but they got stinking all over again just from sitting out in the damp air.

Those of you in Western countries such as the US, hug a homeless person today.  Offer them dry, clean clothes. They will be grateful, as am I.

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