What do you do if you are raped or assaulted and then are told, “You are mentally sick.”

I would suggest immediately leaving the situation or “therapist” that claims you are sick.  You maty have a broken bone or sexually transmitted disease or bruises, or other physical ailment that needs to heal. You may be traumatized. This is a normal fear reaction.  But never allow a so-called “mental health professional” or anyone else (police included) to try to convince you that the rape was trivial or never occurred or that you should not legally pursue it.  A doctor should not ignore abuse.  However, many sweep these “complaints” under the rug or are too busy to pay attention to their patients.

I would suggest immediately going elsewhere.  If you are being called “crazy,” for reporting that you were raped,


because to stay is just as harmful as staying with the perpetrator.

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