Please read this link, MINNESOTA RESIDENTS…Another case of supposed “lacks insight”…This happened to me, too! Wrong, folks! If this doesn’t stop, people are going to die!

Here’s the link:

I, too, had the experience of medical personnel wrongly believing I “lacked insight.” This is a danger.  When medical personnel assume this, they stop listening, and all RESPECT goes immediately out the window. In fact, confidentiality laws get broken, no law will help the patient who is considered incompetent to begin with.

I think a doctor who is so incompetent as to declare a patient “lacking insight” is a total moron.

For instance, for a new doctor to take the previous doctor’s word as truth, in  declaring a patient “lacking insight” and not investigating for himself is sheer stupidity. Thus, a patient is forever doomed to never getting his voice heard, even upon switching doctors.

I think doctors who never listen…well, I suppose they do take their eyes off their computer screens and the cotton out of their ears on the days the drug reps show up with the bribes, maybe a few golf clubs, plane tix, happy days on the ranch.

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