Here, I am FINALLY seen as the brilliant and creative person I always was

That’s right. I already have been employed to knit a dog sweater! I have the yarn and have begun. I have been asked to help fix people’s computers as well. The folks here haven’t been in the US for a while and have had no access to an English-speaking technician familiar with computers brought in from the US.

I am self-taught and can do many things. I am no longer “a waste of public funds” or “an imposition on society.” Watertown was full of bullshit to label me a criminal.

I know how to survive. Why? I had to. I had no freaking “help” in Watertown so I had to do everything myself. No family, hostile neighbors, inhumane living quarters. Whatever “help” was offered was bogus psychiatry or poor quality mental health. I rejected that abuse. I HAD to learn to help myself, completely alone and on my two feet.

Now, I’m here and thriving. Ten days away from living in fear. Ten days away from that godawful noise. Ten days of privacy. Dignity. At last.

Was it all worth it?


Love, Julie and Puzzle

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