Greenblatt is right! Why the hell aren’t his own employees following his plan? Does he not know his “hospital,” Walden, is run like a prison, not following his theories?

Wow, I always thought Dr. Greenblatt was a jerk.  I suppose he is rather haughty and quite the snob, however, he is damned right!

Does anyone even bother reading his book, Answers to Anorexia?  His conclusions were the same as my own.  I have no clue what personal experience, if any, he has with the disorder.

I never even bothered reading his book.  Clearly his hospital has gone astray and isn’t even listening to him.  What the f?

It’s run like a mental hospital.  However, Greenblatt concluded the following:

Anorexia is NOT a mental illness. It is a nutritional problem and should be approached as such.

Dang.  The staff at his so-called treatment place poo-poo his vitamin regimen as trivial. Why? Are they not familiar with his theories?  Why lock up eating disorders patients and treat them as criminals? Greenblatt, close your “hospital,” please!  Walk out.  Start over, please, with all new staff who actually know something about ED and believe what you are saying, and are familiar with what your nutritional approach.

Not only that, why is Greenblatt’s hospital feeding patients junk food? Why not foods that are high in zinc and the other nutrients Greenblatt claims are lacking due to starvation?


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