Do you HAVE anorexia or any ED? Read Greenblatt’s book, Answers to Anorexia. We need to see to it that Walden is run by his theories, NOT by mental health hocus-pocus

I have only now found Greenblatt’s book on Google and AGREE with what he is saying.  I am a person who has suffered from Anorexia and binge eating for over 3 decades and I know Greenblatt is, or was, SPOT ON!

But what the hell went wrong? Why is Walden a prison filled with uncaring, ignorant staff?  Some are clearly sadistic abusers as well.  Crap, Dr. Greenblatt, close the place down!

YOU HAVE THAT POWER, DR GREENBLATT.  Leave that place, start a new one.  People listen to doctors. They don’t listen to peons like me.  Doctors are just as powerful as the most powerful political leaders, and are given that power in much of the western world.  USE IT!

I am a writer and have the power of the pen.  I cherish this. Doctors have social prestige.  I don’t.  People assume I am NUTS or manic or whatever the diagnosis of the day is.  I’m not.  I suffer from starvation. That’s not a mental disorder. Greenblatt knows this, psychiatry denies nutrition.

Greenblatt, if you are reading this, can you contact me? Thanks, Julie Greene and Puzzle.  Send an e-mail or get in touch any way you can.  Love, Julie Greene and Puzzle, and I am NOT SHUTTING UP ABOUT THIS!

Feedback and comments welcome!