Here are some photos of my wonderful new home!

Hola! How do I make an upside-down exclamation point with this keyboard?  I will surely learn!

Puzzle and I first flew on Tuesday the 13th of May from Boston Logan Airport to Miami International, first flight of the day.  Puzzle flew right with me in the cabin.  She slept soundly for the entire flight! I didn’t!  I was jealous!  But little did Puzzle know that she and I would never have to endure the nightmare of living in that horrible public housing building ever again.  We said goodbye to Watertown, and to Massachusetts.  I felt relieved already, and secretly told Watertown, “Good riddance, you jerks!  You never appreciated me or Puzzle, nor allowed me to be the person I am, to live to my potential.  I am going to a new place where I can be free to be me!”

Aw, c’mon, do you think I said “jerks” to myself or do you think I said an American swear word?  One guess allowed only!

We arrived in Miami right on time.  It took a long time to leave the airport and get organized enough to get all of my bags together and over to the hotel, where we spent a rather luxurious night.  If you are ever in Miami and need a wonderful, pet-friendly hotel, go to the La Quinta Miami NORTH Airport Inn.  I had peace and quiet all night and the next day, too. Oh my goodness, PRIVACY for the first time in so, so long.  Would you believe a busy hotel was far more quiet and peaceful than that public housing apartment in Watertown was, anytime day or night? I no longer heard that nightmarish babble of my next-door neighbor’s TV.  I will never hear it again!  Oh my goodness it felt great!  Here I am the next afternoon, still at the hotel, in the lobby. That’s where I wrote the entry called “lobby” in my other blog!


That night at 11:30 sharp, our plane took off from Miami to Montevideo, UY, direct flight. We were in the air for eight hours, arriving ten minutes early in Montevideo, the capital city of Uruguay.  It was already mid-morning.

I have to tell you that if you fly from the US to most countries in South America, you CAN bring your dog, but your dog has to fly cargo. If your dog flies cargo, all airports must be within a certain temperature range on the runway otherwise no animals can fly in cargo, period.  So had I waited much longer, I would not have been able to leave Miami!  I would have had to wait till fall!  Even at 11:30 at night, it’s quite hot there now and I couldn’t have postponed this trip even a week!   Check regulations because they change the rules all the time!  Puzzle did just fine, needless to say,  and all the personnel loved her.

I waited for Puzzle right at the baggage claim.  I finally got all my bags but was still there, the last passenger, waiting for Puzzle to come through.  Finally, a friendly man came up to me speaking in Spanish and asked me if I was looking for a dog.  A chico blanco one!  Oh si, senior!  Mucho gracias!  My first chance to try out my rather limited Spanish I only just learned!  Everyone said Puzzle was so cute!  She was happy to see me.  I knew my little one had had no trouble at all. She didn’t require tranquilizers…of course not.  What did she dream about?  I know!  A big bowl of chicken liver!

My friend came soon to pick us up.  She told me later that the laid-back Uraguayo  airport dudes asked her in Spanish, “Hey, is your friend staying here for good?”

My friend shrugged casually and replied in espanol, “Probably.”

The dudes laughed and wished me the best.

I felt such deep joy right then.  I was thrilled about this new home already.  We exited the building.  I stepped onto our  soil, that I immediately loved, for the first time.  The sun was brightly shining on wet grass.  The rain had been falling on and off that morning.

We stopped at my friend’s home for lunch.  Here’s part of her yard:


Then, I saw my new home for the first time:


My door is the one on the right.  Next to me is vacant.  We secure our doors with swinging gates that are right over the door, and if we so choose, we can padlock the gate.

Here are some views of the interior.

My kitchen counter, before and after I organized it:



Do you see the two toilets in my bathroom?


No, not for pooping alongside your partner.  The one closer to the shower is to wash your bum!  I use it for a stool and I pile towels on it for showering.

Here’s one of my three ceiling fans…


Gizzards for Puzzle…


Red shirts I am washing in a red bucket…


Laundry, hanging in the sun:



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